• The Middle School (Classes VI – VIII) is the connect between the Elementary and the Senior School wherein the fundamentals learnt in primary classes are reinforced and developed so that the child is ready for the senior classes. It is also a period of rapid development as the child moves from childhood to adolescence which can be either exciting or turbulent or both.
    During this transitional phase, the parents, the educators and the school counselor play the most responsible roles. Our endeavor at Laurel High is to provide more opportunities to learn, grow and develop in ways that acknowledge and respect this phase of the students’ lives. We offer a balanced, comprehensive and success oriented curriculum, with a sensitive, caring and supportive learning environment.
    We provide unique experiences for students to face the challenges in CCE pattern of education and help students become proficient in the basic skills. Students develop fundamental thinking processes through manifold activities which foster independent learning.

  • Projects such as ‘Vademecum’, class magazines etc encourage research skills and enable them to take up creative initiatives.

  • Theatre Club activities such as street plays, assembly presentations and skits focus on providing a creative platform where students can present their views on the social scenario and trigger a positive change.

  • Library activities such as reading, book discussions, debates, writing reviews, designing book jackets, reader’s quiz etc. stimulate a love for books; an essential prerequisite for a potential leader.

  • Maths and Science Lab activities such as demonstrations, experiments, projects etc inculcate the scientific attitude and ensure a better understanding of the concepts taught.