Seven Star International school was established with the precise vision of nurturing the next generation, providing every child with the wherewithal to grow up ideally in a rapidly changing world. While the rest of the world has made giant strides in every aspect of material and human progress, our nation has yet to catch up in many areas of essential development.Material progress is the visible aspect of a nation’s growth, which can easily be understood and commended by all and sundry. However, material and technological progress alone do not make the sole indices of human development and social advancement.
We lay importance on the development of the heart and soul of the child, the future citizen. The inner self of each human person has to retain its original innocence and imbibe ethical, social and spiritual values, which must take permanent root in the heart of each person. This is our permanent endeavour in this school with a difference. All intellectual progress and technological advancement would be of no use, if human development indices demonstrate negative growth.
Leaders are not born but made and we endeavour to awaken the genius in While we emphasize the inculcation of spiritual and moral values, we also lay stress on the importance of developing one’s intellect, that is, the academic progress in the right way. We encourage our children to think, analyze and apply the knowledge they gain to their everyday life. In the process, the children will gain not only bookish knowledge but also the invisible spirit of enquiry, which is most essential for a learner to possess. In this way, we fulfill our mission of ‘awakening the genius’ in every child.
Today’s scholastic practice requires that parents and teachers co-operate as never before, for it is a partnership effort as children spend most of their 24-hour day at home, but only six hours in the school. The school guarantees that these six hours are spent qualitatively; but at the same time, we expect children to have a ‘Time management Programme’, whereby they utilize home time in the most profitable way.
So, dear parents, I welcome you all on board along with your students. Let us work together.
Mrs.Shikha Sareen
Managing Director